PMIA (Preventative Maintenance Inspection Agreement)
Quality Products Require Quality Service.


All machines need regular upkeep and maintenance. Parts that move need periodic cleaning, lubrication and adjustment for optimal performance and long life.
The PMIA reduces operating costs by extending the productive life and increasing the reliability of these products.

The covered machines are inspected and serviced on your premises (where possible) on a scheduled basis.

This includes partial disassembly, vacuuming, wiping, and cleaning, plus lubrication and calibration adjustments to factory satisfaction.

The machines are thoroughly tested to ensure optimum working order.


  • Scheduled inspections find and fix small problems before they become large, unscheduled problems.
  • The machines always operate at peak efficiency.
  • The useful service life of the machine is extended for a better return on investment.

PMIA Options:

  1. PMIA Labour Only.
    Scheduled inspections as defined by the agreement.
    Partial disassembly, vacuuming, wiping, and cleaning of parts plus lubrication and adjustments to factory specifications.
    Notified if new parts are required.
  2. PMIA Breakdown and Labour
    As above plus fix any breakdowns during normal business hours.
  3. PMIA Labour, Breakdown and Parts (Note – does not include wear parts)
    As above plus parts.

Back to base loan machine depending on stock availability.

Pre-sales assessment and technical support to ensure selection of the most practical and appropriate solution.

Flexible and customised end user training at venues’ location is available.