Link Jackpots

Link Jackpots


Paltronics offer a range of Link Jackpot solutions from our own “Mystery/Random” style jackpots to
“Progressive” jackpots used by most OEM’s in the Australasian market. Links can vary in size from two,
up to thousands of EGM’s when connected to One link Slots (also known as the Venue Wide Jackpot
System and VRX).


Latest Components for standard links:

Onelink VRX

The Next Generation in Jackpot Management Systems
Replaces the need for Jackpot Controllers


T2E (REV8) Jackpot Controller Key features:

Supports either serial or ethernet floor network,All standard technician functions available on the main screen without the need for laptop, X-Series interface for monitoring systems, Backward compatible with Rev7 controller for drop in replacement, Can run both Mystery and Progressive type links,Multi-protocol support one version for all markets, Simplified software upgrade process, Supports up to 240 devices over ethernet floor, Ability to connect to Multi-Terminal Gaming Machines, Inbuilt web UI for easy configuration, Touch screen colour LCD with user friendly navigation, Interface card firmware downloaded from the JPC, Hidden increment pool.
More than 55,000 jackpot parameters to choose from (REV7 has 3,820)
$5,000 CCCE functionality
Link Configuration via secure PC application – no need for burning Eproms etc
Connect up to 240 EGM’s
Remote Support Access for Maintenance and Servicing


Media 2K/Media 2K+

Media 2K Graphic Controller is the standard Media Player used to display graphics to LCD (TV’s) and LED’s

The Media 2K Graphic Controller allows for the display of
graphics with a resolution of up to 2K.

Media 2K+ is the latest version Graphic Controller capable of
providing a graphic in three different resolutions or for a Multi
Screen display (three screens).


Venue Wide Jackpot System (VWJS)

The Venue Wide Jackpot System (also known as One Link Slots and VRX) gives the ability to operate links over a large number of EGM’s (largest installation to date had 2,000 connected). IN NSW/ACT, 30 sites have operated the VWJS with more than 8,000 EGM’s connected. 

A new version of this System to be known as VRX is set to be released in early 2022 – VRX removes the need for Rev 7 controllers, and uses an ethernet network of PALA13 cards.