(NC9500) Multi- Pocket Ticket and Note Sorter

(NC9500) Multi- Pocket Ticket and Note Sorter with Enhanced and Reliable Note Authentication and TITO

The NC9500 features several types of sensors, which deliver the ultimate performance, high accuracy and heavy- duty operation.

Each of the sensors is designed to detect different security features, ensuring all known suspicious banknotes are caught.
(Contact Image Sensor, Light Source for Transmission Image MG sensor, UV Sensor and Thickness Sensor).

NC9500 is well designed to perform fast and convenient jam removal with a pull of a lever. This ensures the shortest time possible to restore back to the operational state.


  • Up to 12 pockets + one reject
    Expand by one pocket at a time.

Individual Pocket Configuration

  • Each pocket can be individually configured and can advise either the number of notes or the $ value.


  • Counting speed up to 1,000 notes per minute.

Paltronics’ Clearance Manager Softwaret

  • Compatible.

Multi- User

  • 2 operators share one machine with individual setting preferences, one user does not affect the other.
    Also, for verification of count or record of currency.
    Ability to have 2 separate printers.

Touch Panel Display

  • 7” Touch LCD Display
    By integrating the LCD touch panel, the NC9500 can provide an even more intuitive and easy way of operation, showing all useful information during the banknote processing.

Durable and Reliable

  • Designed for heavy duty usage and long lasting.

Counterfeit Detection

  • Superior counterfeit detection ensuring all known suspicious banknotes are detected including Visible light, Infrared, Magnetic and Ultraviolet.


  • Hopper – 1,000 notes
  • Pockets – 200 notes
  • Reject – 100 notes

Multi- User Operation
Multi- Currency

  • Capable of recognising
    Multi-currency based on character of each banknote.

Series Separation of Notes

  • From old to new.


  • Mix
  • Count
  • Sort
  • Face
  • Orientation
  • Fitness
  • TITO

Main Unit 700 x 350 x 370mm approximately
Extra Stacker 180 x 350 x 270mm approximately

Main Unit 50kg approximately
Extra Stacker 7kg approximately