(NC6500) Compact 2 Pocket

(NC6500) Compact 2 Pocket


  • 2 operators share one machine with individual setting preferences, one user does not affect the other.
  • Also, for verification of count or record of currency
  • Ability to have 2 separate printers

User Friendly

  • Non-stop continuous operation with error codes.

Paltronics’ Clearance Software Manger

  • Compatible.


  • Capable of sorting mixed notes by denomination with shorter overall processing cycle.


  • Counterfeit DetectionMR, MG, CIS, UV, IR reflection and transmission tape sensor.

Easy Maintenance

  • Opening from top and rear note path facilitates routine maintain work.

Compact Design

  • Compact in size and avant-garde in appearance. Solution for saving work- space.

Touch Screen Panel

  • Through graphic user interface, 3.5” LCD display and physical buttons.


  • Mix
  • Count
  • Sort
  • Face
  • Orientation
  • Fitness
  • S/N Scan
  • TITO

Dimensions: 330 (W) x 330 (D) x 350 (H) mm
Weight: 18 kg approximate