(JetScan® iFX i200) Note and Ticket Scanner - 2 Pocket Model

Note and Ticket Scanner – 2 Pocket Model

Counterfeit Detection

  • Advanced counterfeit detection capabilities including imaging magnetic ink, fluorescence, ultraviolet and IQ™ Sensing Technology.

Simple Jam Reconciliation

  • Clear jams quickly and easily with minimal impact on processing.

Two Configurable Pockets

  • Fully functional pockets hold up to 200 notes each.

Paltronics’ Clearance Manager Software

  • Compatible.

Processing Speed

  • Up to 1,200 mixed notes per minute.

Feeder Capacity

  • Brick Currency – 800 notes.
  • Circulated currency – 700 notes.

Stacker Pocket Capacity

  • 200 notes.
  • Reject Pocket Capacity 100 notes.

Connect to the JetSort 1050 Coin Sorter and Counter

  • Provides a one balance total.

JetScan® iFX i200

Dimension: 35.56cm H x 35.56cm W x 40.64cm D
Weight: 19.05 kg