JetScan® 150 1.5 Pocket Currency Scanner

1.5 Pocket Currency Scanner

Counterfeit Detection

  • Advanced counterfeit detection capabilities outfitted with magnetic, fluorescent ultraviolet, infrared sensors catches most counterfeit bills.

Unit/Value Display

  • Totals are shown as units and dollars.

Adjustable Pocket and Strap Stops

  • Strap stop limits can be established for each denomination and a separate pocket limit for mixed mode.

Add Function

  • For cumulative counting when desired.

Processing Speed

  • Up to 940 notes per minute.

Feeder Capacity

  • 600 notes.

Pocket Capacity

  • 200 notes.

Reject Pocket Capacity

  • 100 notes.

JetScan® 150

Dimensions: 29.97cm W x 28.96cm D x 29.97cm H
Weight: 13.2 kg